Rebuilding Trust in Local Government

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th
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As a small business owner, Kasey will fight for a fiscally responsible budget. As a mom, Kasey will fight for public safety. As a neighbor, Kasey will fight for the disabled. As a frustrated driver, Kasey will fight for a regional mobility plan. As a former special education teacher in Residential Treatment Centers , Kasey will fight to expand our mobile outreach team. As an advocate for our most vulnerable, Kasey will fight for comprehensive indigent healthcare.

Kasey has diligently worked to foster relationships with the departments the Commissioner’s Court oversees. In meeting with these professionals and attending commissioner’s court, Kasey has pinpointed these key issues our county is facing. When elected, Kasey will fight to create a more inclusive, ethical and socially responsible court.


Fire Truck and Police Car
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