North Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, and Liberty Hill residents, please, let me know your specific concerns, issues, praise, etc., for your great cities! Make sure you check back often as I update the page according to your specific needs! The more I learn about what you need, the better I will be able to serve you as your next Williamson County Commissioner!

I look forward to hearing from YOU!


Kasey is a dedicated mom and small business owner. She and her husband Clark have lived in Cedar Park/Austin area for the past thirteen years. Before moving to Texas, Kasey spent time coast to coast and lived abroad. She will work to provide a safe, clean, inclusive community with ample opportunity for all.

Over the past few months, she has diligently worked to foster relationships with the departments the Commissioner’s Court oversees. As a successful small business owner, Kasey knows the “my way or the highway” approach doesn’t work, yet time and again, Kasey has heard this is the governing style her opponent practices. As your next County Commissioner, Kasey will strive to be attentive to all departmental concerns and treat the counties employees as the professionals they are.

In meeting with these professionals and attending commissioner’s court, Kasey has pinpointed several key issues our county is facing. Chief among these is the need to adequately staff and compensate all county departments. Kasey will also strive to address our fiscally irresponsible debt ratio, encourage the development of a system of transparency in appointments, and create a more inclusive, ethical and socially responsible court.


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